PENSIVE - Pratik Dhamapurkar
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Is this food? Is it fair?

Wildlife is an amazingly complex, self-sustaining eco system. But do we realise how our everyday actions are harming things?

I found this little Bonnet Macaque (wildlife experts please confirm) heading his way back up the tree after feasting on a jackfruit. As you can see in start of the video, he stopped and turned around to pick up the piece of plastic that he just noticed. Of course, monkeys are smart and curious just like us humans. But we being the smartest creatures, have invented things like plastic and used and abused it before stopping to think and comprehend the impact of our actions.

Now the decisions of our past have multiplied and are staring us in the face. True we read about environmental conservation everyday and this is nothing new, but there is something jarring watching it happen to the animals with whom I have shared a backyard with since I was a child. And the worst part is, I have no way of warning these childhood friends of mine.